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Britain Has Class

A grassroots movement of Working Class people fighting class inequality. Tired of being spoken for instead of spoken to, we're forming a new understanding of classism in modern Britain and equipping our communities with the tools to fight it.

Class inequality is deeply engrained in our society, connected to and compounded by other inequalities including race, gender and disability. While politicians and the media fawn over ‘hard-working families’ and ‘authentic’ British stories, our rights at work are assaulted, our community funding is slashed and our representatives are frozen out of the discussion. Social, economic and cultural class bleed into every part of British life, and with them comes a structural classism than needs fighting.

At Britain Has Class, we believe that real systems change needs consistency and strategy: explicit, permanent positions for working class representatives in public life; proper support and resources for working class communities; and a coherent vision of a society without inequality, built by a new generation of working class activists. We’re putting the debate about class back into the hands of working class people.


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